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Out of Character News

Welcome to our newest members Kate with their character Echidna!

Fire, water, air, earth; the elements rule our lives and yet they run rampant, destroying what they please and having no regard for us. Once, there had been hope to bring the elements to heel, but they proved more mighty than even the First of us imagined. The Incarnates It created fell one by one, broken as their magick forsook them. Even the aliens to our world, the Parasites, were not immune to the elementís wrath; for they expunged them from this land into alternate universes and timelines.

But they cannot remain in control for much longer. They desire masters, and we need leaders. There is once again hope on the horizon, if only you wish to face the challenges that come.

Out of Character News
Open Threads: Echidna to Any, A Groundhog!
Open Quests: Tarquin's Quest, Relic Trade-ins
Open Contests: Bug Catching!
Stats: Currently Basic is home to 10 characters and 6 players, with 5 stallions and 5 mares!

June 26th, 2014: We're open! Welcome to our new members and welcome back to those returning! Be sure to check the current welcome packages before joining/rejoining, and we're currently on the look out for the Incarnate of Fire--they are first come, first serve!

In Character News
Currently the season is summer and breeding is open.

Weather: Currently it's a scorcher, with the lack of a fire elemental--Vorer has become a hot, dry wasteland with little food and water. It's suggested you find yourself in the company of water, air, and earth users, so they can feed you and keep you cool!
Incarnate Updates: The First Incarnate is currently closed off by the rampaging elements and magicks in Etirak. Oh no! How will we open the way to her?
Parasite Updates: Even the Parasites are feeling the effects of the angry elements as there are few of them left, especially Smaller ones. With larger Parasites lurking around every corner and the general anger of Iros' magicks, is there anywhere that's safe?

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